Aya Waterfall

Informasi Wisata

Aya Waterfall (綾滝, ayadaki) is very misterious waterfall. It has about 75 ft. height. Water waterfall very slowly and silently. The waterfall looks like a twilled cloth. Water become boubles at the end of the waterfall, this waterfall also called as bouble waterfall.
tour info
There is Tengu Waterfall on the way, and there is Tuzuraiwa which is one of the national monument of Japan toward to Otake mountain. There is restroom at the enterence, but you must walk on hiking road to see this waterfall.
0. at Tachikawa St.
1. take JR Ome line to Haijima (12min)
2. take JR Itsukaichi line to Musashiitsukaichi (17min)
4. take bus to Sengoku (20min)
5. walk to the montain (40 min.)

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