Amagi Tunnel

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Amagi tunnel (旧天城トンネル) is one of the cultural treasure of Japan and also known as haunted tunnel. It has 445m (13,350 ft.) length and very dark even at the daytime. The tunnel makes strange echo sound when you talk. You might have a chance to see a ghost. It was made in 1903 and also one of the best 100 streets in Japan.
Tourist Info.
Parking and restroom are available.
0. at Mishima Station
1. take Izu-Hakone Line to Shuzenji Station (35 min.)
2. take Izu-Tokai Bus to Amagitoge (40 min.)
3. walk East (20 min.)

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Amagi Tunnel

Because it is also know as haunted tunnel, sometimes people visit at night. However, there are not enough light for car. You will have a great risk to have a car accident. So, be careful. You don't want to join ghost of tunnel.