Akaganetoyo Falls

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Akaganetoyo Falls (あかがねとよ) is a waterfalls located in Osaka, Gifu. It is 14m high. Akaganetoyo literary means a red rain gutter. This waterfalls is made from the lava of Mt. Ontake. This waterfalls get dry easily, but because water also goes underground, the basin of a waterfall never dry out.

It is located Mitsutaki Course of the hiking and sightseeing courses of Osaka Waterfalls.

0. at Takayama Station
1. use JR Takayama Line to Hida Osaka (32 min.)
2. use taxi or bus to Gandatekoen
3. walk east (50 min.)

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Detailed Travel Guide

Akaganetoyo Falls

Mitsu Falls' Course
Guide: Not required.
Level: Beginners Course.
Time: Three hours.

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