Ajisai along the Hakone Tozan Line

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Ajisai along the Hakone Tozan Line (箱根登山鉄道のアジサイ), there are many beautiful Ajisai. From the middle of June to July, beautiful Hydrangea bloom. There are beautiful light-up at night for Ajisai.

Tourist Info.
Season: From Mid June to early July.
Night Ajisai Line is all only for reserved passengers.

0. at Hakone Yumoto Station.
1. ride on Hakone Tozan Line.

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Ajisai along the Hakone Tozan Line

Hydrangea of Hakone Tozan Line is one of the most famous Ajisai Spot near Tokyo. Because of the altitude difference, each Ajisai spot has different season to bloom. So, people can enjoy Ajisai from Mid June to the end of July.