Aburagi Forest

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Aburagi Forest (油木美林) is a beautiful forest spread around the lower Mt. Ontake. There are are many old trees and beautiful waterfalls. The trekking route lead up to Mt. Ontake. The trees are over 300 years old. It is a great spot for birdwatching.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.

0. Kiso Fukushima Station.
1. drive 20 to Mt. Onake.
2. there is parking for Aburagi Forest.

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Detailed Travel Guide

Aburagi Forest

Aburagi Forest spreads under Mt. Ontake. It is a beautiful forest with 5 trees of Kiso.

There are many beautiful valley and waterfalls.

-Komorebi Falls-

-Fueki Falls-

This video only introduce the entrance of strolling pass of Aburagi.

It is about 3km long from Fueki Falls.