Walk around Edo Castle!

Imperial Palace

Edo Castle, a.k.a. Chiyoda Castle, is now the Imperial Palace of Japanese Emperor. However, some of the areas are opened for public. The Imperial Palace Outer Garden, Eastern garden, and Kitanomaru Park are open for all people. They were used be a part of Edo castle. Many ruins from the castle are still existed. So, check out the real Edo buildings which remain in the present time. Tokyo is one of the biggest and most developed city in the world. However, in the center of Tokyo city, those classic buildings and structures are still well preserved. We offer you the great one day walking tour of Edo Castle.

Sakurda mon

Start from the Imperial Palace Out garden which is located near from Tokyo Station. Visit Sakurada-mon Gate which is located west side of the outer garden at first. Sakurada-mon Gate is the one of the most beautiful Japanese style castle gate. If you have time, you might want to visit the Statue of Kusunoki who is the famous Samurai warrior. Then, walk east and visit Nijubashi which is also the main gate of the Imperial Palace. You cannot enter inside of the Palace except the certain day, but you can see beautiful gates, bridges and keep tower called Fushimi Yagura. After you visit Nijubashi, check out the Sakashita-mon Gate and Tatsumi Yagura Tower. You just keep going east.

Next, you will see Oote-mon gate which was used be the main gate of Edo Castle. Currently, this is the entrance of the eastern garden. Get the entrance ticket, and check out the Fujimi-Yagura tower at first. This garden is the original castle before Edo Castle was widely extended. It has the base-hill of Tenshukaku, the main watch tower. There are many historical ruins from the castle in This garden. In this park, you walk north.

Tayasu mon

When you exit the eastern garden, you will enter Kitanomaru Park. In Kitanomaru Park, you will see Tayasu-mon gate and Shimizu-mon gate. Especially Tayasu-mon gate, which appears at the last of this tour, is the most strong gate of the castle ever built in Japan. When you enter this gate, you will understand the strategy and defense system of Japanese Castle.

Those garends and park have now beautiful nature. However, when you see the gates, towers, and moat, you will see the biggest and strongest castle ever build in Japanese history.

Yasukuni shrine

Vist Yasukuni Shrine which appears right after you exit the Tayasu-mon gate. Finish your tour at Yasukuni Shrine which is one of the most beautiful shrine. This tour will be about 5 hours of walking, and finishes at either Jinbocho Station or Ichigaya Station. It's a one day walking to see and feel Edo Castle and history of Edo Period.
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