Let's visit Tohoku for beautiful Nature


Miyagi Prefecture has many beautiful Mountains with Onsen. It offers great one-day hiking tours that can end up with a refreshing Onsen. For example, Naruko has one of the best valleys and over 300 Onsen hotels, and every single one of these hotels has its own Onsen spring. Also, Mt.Zao is very popular tourist spot in Miyagi. Especially, Okama is the main feature of Zao tourism. In fact, Mt. Zao is an active volcano, and that's why there are so many good Onsen around it.

Futakuchi Valley

Futakuchi Valley is an excellent valley near Sendai. It will only take one hour from Sendai with a car. There are lots of hiking courses with many waterfalls. You can also enjoy fishing as well. During Koyo and green leaves season, many people visit here to enjoy nature. At the entrance of the valley, there is Akiu Great Falls. It is one of the 100 best waterfalls of Japan.

Naruko's Geyser

Naruko Onsen is one of the best Onsen spots in Tohoku. There are many Onsen in this area. Not only the Onsen Hotels, but also there are lots of volcanic activities you can enjoy here. Benten Geyser has a great Onsen splash every 10 minintus. Fukiage Jigokudani has many small Onsen springing out here and there, just see why old people call this place a "hell-valley." Naruko Valley is also considered as one of the best Valleys in Japan.

Miyagi has great nature spots with Onsen. Enjoy Onsen and Nature!
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