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When you visit Japan, why don't you buy great a Made-In-Japan. The Japanese craftworks are the best hand-made stuff in the world. Katsushika Traditional Craftwork Museum has great collections of craftworks made by the masters in Katsushika. There are 25 different kinds of craftworks made by craft masters. The varieties of craftworks goes from articles for daily use to the decorations of shrines and temples. Some of the table wares are provided to the Japanese imperial families. See and feel the difference between the real hand-made and mass productions.

Articles for daily use

Price is very reasonable. When you think of hand-made craftworks, you assume that they are very expensive. Yes, some of the large scale ones or something made from sliver are very expensive. However, most of articles for daily use are not so expensive at all, and still they are the best stuff in the world. When you use their scissors or kitchen knife, you will not be satisfied with others ever.

The craftmen

Katsushika has over 45 kinds of craftworks. Those craftworks are carried over for long time. Some of them exist since early Edo period. It will be not only the memory of your Japanese trip, but also the craftworks will keep your memory in your place. Of course, they are excellent articles for daily use, as well.

Visit the Katsushika Traditional Craftwork Museum. Enjoy!
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