Kakunodate, the little Kyoto of Michinoku.


Do you know Kakunodate? Kakunodate is called "the little Kyoto of Michinoku." Kakunodate is a castle town lcoated in Akita Prefecture. There are many Samurai Houses in Kakunodate. The scenery of Kakunodate has not change for over 100s of years. The street of Samurai residence are covered with beautiful trees that planted when this castle town and Samurai house was built. There are many Samurai Houses with Japanese gardens in Japan. However, the gardens with over 250 years old trees are only scenery of Kakunodate. Those beautiful trees, black walls, Samurai gate and houses are so quiet and peacful, but still contains with strength of Samurai. This is why Kakunodate is called "Little Kyoto of Michinoku."

Samurai House and Garden

Samurai houses have beautiful Japanese gardens. There are 6 real remaining Samurai Houses in Kakunodate. They all represent the sprits of Samurai today. The gardens of Odano House and Kawaharada Houses take Karesansui style. Little bamboo and moss show Zen sprits of Samurai. They are the middle class Samurai Houses.

Aoyagi House

Aoyagi House is the largest Samurai House in Kakunodate. It displays the real Samurai weapons and armors. Aoyagi House offers the actual caltures of Samurai life. The scenery of Kakunodate offers the atmosphere of Samurai. Aoyagi House offers the real art of Samurai. Then, there is Ishiguro House. Ishiguro Hosue is the oldest Samurai House in Kakunodate. This house is the only Samurai Hosue that visitors can step in the house. So, at the last at Ishiguro House, visitors can experience the life of Samurai.

If you are big fan of Samurai or History, or just looking for a beautiful spot in Akita, check out Kakunodate and feel, see and experience Samurai!

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