Start Year 2011 with Mt. Fuji.

Mt.Fuji from Mt. Tenjo

The Mt. Fuji is one of the best object to see in New Year's Days in Japan. They say Mt. Fuji, a falcon, and a eggplant are considered as the good luck objects too see in the first dream of year; and Mt. Fuji is the best. For those who could not dream the Mt.Fuji, MustLoveJapan presents the first best view of Mt. Fuji of the year 2011.

First, MLJ presents Mt. Fuji from Mt. Tenjo. Mt. Tenjo is located right next to lake Kawaguchi, and it has one of the best view of Mt. Fuji from high-up on the mountain. There is a ropeway to reach the top of Mt. Tenjo which is about 200m high from the ground level. It's just 200m height difference, but it gives you totally different and excellent view of Mt. Fuji.

Asagiri Highland

Another spot is Asagiri Highland. Asagiri Highland is located north-west of Mt. Fuji. This view of Mt. Fuji is rarely introduced because of it's low accessibility. However, the entire highland offers great view of Mt. Fuji, and air is so fresh. Also, because Asagiri Highland is located west side of Mt. Fuji, it has beautiful red Fuji at the sunset.

Enjoy the Mt. Fuji of the year 2011 and bring yourself good luck!
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