Yokosuka Mikoshi Parade


Yokosuka Mikoshi Parade (横須賀神輿パレード) is Mikoshi Matsuri happens in October at Yokosuka. All Mikoshi of Yokosuka and Miura gather at Yokosukachuo Station, and they parade all the way to Yokosuka US Navy Base. They finished inside of the base and have friendship festival there. It is very unique and exciting to see the great collaboration of American and Japanese culture. There are over 70 Mikoshi including special Mikoshi of Yokosuka Navy Base and Japanese self-defese force.

Tourist Info.
There is baggage-check to enter the base.
There are many great food stand which you can enjoy American food.
Access only permitted area.
No parking, and streets will be closed.

0. at Yokosuka Chuo Station.
1. walk (1 min.)


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周圍的地圖 Yokosuka Mikoshi Parade


Yokosuka Mikoshi Parade

The entrance of the base is "Mikasa Gate."
No car. No pet. No food.

Parade starts at Yokosukak Chuo Oodori St.

The base offers you great tasty American foods!