Uchida Sashichi House


Uchida Sashichi House (内田佐七家) is one of the traditional houses located Minamichita, Aichi Prefecture. This house was constructed in 1869 as the shipowner of the small cargo vessel of Ise Bay. It has the main building, the guest house, the former owner's house, storages and other small buildings. Even Uchida family was the shipowner, his house has a high quality as the Village headman. It is a very rare house as the shipowner's house of Ise Bay remaining today.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
Admission: 300 yen for adult. Free for under junior high. There is a group discount.
Time: 9:00 to 16:00 (last entry is 15:30)
Open: Weekend and holiday, but please check out their official web site to see the opening day.

0. at Otagawa Station.
1. use Meitetsu Kawawa Line to Fuki Station.
2. use Meitetsu Chita Line to Utsumi Station.
3. walk.



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周圍的地圖 Uchida Sashichi House


Uchida Sashichi House
Uchida House was constructed in 1869. Uchida family is one of the powerful shipowner of small cargo vessel of Utsumi Sea, or Ise Bay. The first Uchida Sashichi started his business in 1818 and extended their business. At the end of Edo period, they became very powerful shipowner. This house was constructed the 2nd lord of Uchida family and one of the biggest traditional houses around Utsumi Bay that are remaining today.

Omoya, the main house
There are 7 rooms with a large dirt floor kitchen. It has a great mast and beams on the ceiling you can see at the dirt floor kitchen. At the Butsuma, the Buddhism room enshrines the Kompiragu that is the god of safe traveling over the sea. So, you can see how they are faithful for their gods. You can see the window on the top of the ceiling to capture the day light.

The Guest House, Zashiki
Zashiki has two guest rooms. Each room is surrounded by small Japanese gardens. There are a bathroom, tea room, and restroom. This room was used for the meeting of the shipowners union called "Yebisu," Weddings and funerals. It has a great ceiling and Ranma that are made from Yaku-Sugi.

Teien, the garden
There are 3 different gardens in this house. The main garden is located at the in front of the guest room. It has a strong stone arts. At the in front of the tea room, there is the small garden for Japanese subdued taste.

Inkyo, 2nd house
It was built as the former owner of the Uchida Family. It displays all the tools of Shipman, fishers, and model of the ships.