Hinano Tsurushi Kazari Festival


Hinano Tsurushi Kazari Festival (雛のつるし飾りまつり) is traditional festival held at Hina Museum in Inatori Onsen in Izu Peninsula.There are many Tsurushi Kazari given from all over Japan. One of three major Tsurushi Kazari, Sakata no Kasafuku, is also displayed in this festival.

Tourist Info.
Admission: 300 yen.
Open: 9:00 to 17:00
From: January 20 to March 31

0. at Atami Station
1. use JR Supper view Odoriko to Izu Inatori (1 hr.)
2. walk south (10 min.)


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Hinano Tsurushi Kazari Festival
The Tradition dates back to the latter part of the Edo period and is unique to the Inatori area. Older people born in Meiji period tell us that the practice existed in their childhood, making the tradition more than 100 years old, surviving the transition from Tokugawa government to Meiji Restoration.
This distinctive tradition expresses affection and love for young children and wish for their health and happiness. Dolls are made by hand to pray for the sound and healthy growth of girls, preserving the significance and protocol of the tradition and carried on to this day as handcraft exclusive of Inatori town.