Traveling Chushingura Spots


Traveling Chushingura Spots (忠臣蔵巡り) is a popular tour for big fans of Chushingura. Chushingura is one of the famous Samurai Story since Edo period. It is also known as 47 ronin. The story of Chushingura is the revenge for a lord and justice according to Bushido. Therefore, it's been played in Kabuki and poppet theater in Edo period and it's been played in movie, theater and TV drama today. All of the related spots are still available for visit.

Tourist Info.
All of the spots has no parking.
Some of the spots have restroom.

Kira House: 10 min. from Ryogoku Station.
Matsu no Roka: 20 min. from Tokyo Station.
Sengakuji: 5 min. from Sengakuji Station.
Seppuku spot of Oishi Kuranosuke: 5 min. from Shirkane-Takanawa Station.
Seppuku spot of Oishi Chikara: 10 min. from Mita Station.


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周圍的地圖 Traveling Chushingura Spots


Traveling Chushingura Spots

Chushingura is one of the most popular Samurai story since Edo period. The story is based on "the murder case of Ako in Genroku era." In April 21, 1701, Asano Takuminokami Naganori, the lord of Ako land, attempted murder Kira Kozukenosuke Yoshihisa in Edo castle where drawing sword was seriously restricted (charge of death for the violation). Asano was ordered Seppuku right next day and his land was abandoned. At the night of December 14, 1702, Oishi Kuranosuke Yoshio and other 46 ronin, Samurai of Asano, broke into Kira's house and killed Kira for finishing the murder that their lord could not accomplish. They brought the head of Kira to the grave of Asano in Sengakuji, and most of them did Seppuku after the revenge.

Because they were allowed to do honorable Seppuku, their act of the revenge as considered as the justice according to Bushido, and the case became the popular story of royal Samurai.

Main personals
Oishi Kuranosuke Yoshio (大石内蔵助良雄): the leader of Ako Roshi.
Asano Takuminokami Naganori (浅野内匠頭長矩): the lord of Ako and 47 Ronin.
Kira Kozukenosuke Yoshihisa (吉良上野介義央): The guy forced Asano to do Seppuku.
Oishi Chikara: the son of Kuranosuke.

Matsu no Roka
Matsu no Roka is a walkway of Edo Castle. It is located current the imperial palace eastern Garden.

The house of Kira
It is located in Ryogoku. The size of the ruins are one 86th of original size, but there is a well that was used for washing Kira's head.

There are graves of Asano Takuminokami and all 47 ronin. There is also memorial museum of Chushingura.

Ruins of Hosokawa House
Oishi Kuranosuke and other 16 Ronin did Seppuku at this place.

Ruins of Matsudaira House
Oishi Chikara and other 9 Ronin did Seppuku at this place. Currently it is Italian embassy.