Takaoka (高岡) is the Edo style Castle town located in Toyama Prefecture. . There are many traditional houses that provide an Edo period historic walk, especially Yamacho Town and Kanayamachi town has gorgeous scenery of classic castle town. Takaoka is also very famous for its bronze and copper craft. With the technique of their casting coppers, they build a great Buddha Statue that is also the main feature of Takaoka.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.

0. at Toyama Station.
1. use Ainokaze Toyama Line to Takaoka Station.
2. walk north (20 min.)


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周圍的地圖 Takaoka


Takaoka Great Buddha is one of Great Buddha Statues located in Toyama. It is 15.85m tall from the ground. It was built in 1932. Takaoka is very famous for its bronze craft works, and this statue was built by great bronze craftmen of Takaoka with amazing skills. It tooks about 20 years.

Yamachosuji town is also known as the town of Kura, the Japanese warehouse. Yamachosuji has been a merchant town since 1609. There are many Kura style houses. This town is registered as a scenic preservation area.

Kanayamachi town is one of the popular travel spots in Takaoka. In 1611, the second lord of the Kaga Maeda clan, Maeda Toshinaga, invited many metalworkers to this town. Those metalworkers made Takaoka very famous for copper craft works. There are many copper shops that also has the copper craft studio.There are many traditional houses still to be found. This town is also registered as a group of traditional houses.

Takaoka Castle is one of 100 best Japanese castles located in Toyama. It is also known as one of 100 best Sakura Castles. It was constructed in 1609 by Maeda Toshinaga for his retirement house. Right after the Siege of Osaka Castle, this castle was abandoned by the order. However, Maeda kept this castle secretly as the fortress. There are baileys and moats remaining in great conditions.