Shinoda Kuzuha Inari Shrine


Shinoda Kuzuha Inari Shrine (信太森葛葉稲荷神社) is located in Izumi, Osaka. It is one of the oldest shrines that appears in Nihonshoki, the oldest record. It is also known as the matching god. There is 700 years old camphor tree. This is also related to the famous Onmyoji, Abeno Seimei.

Visitor's Info.
There are parking and restroom.

0. at Otori Station.
1. use JR Hanwa Line to Kita Shinoda Station.
2. walk west.

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周圍的地圖 Shinoda Kuzuha Inari Shrine


Shinoda Kuzuha Inari Shrine
Shinoda Kuzunoha Inari Shrine was established in 708. There is a famous love story and poem in this shrine. Over 1,200 years ago, Abe Yasuna lived in Abenosato village. He used to worship this shrine many times. When he visited this shrine, he helped the white fox chased by many hunters. He got injured when he helped the fox and he lost his consciousness. When he workup, the beautiful lady was helping him. Later, they fell in love and had a baby. Years later, he found out that his wife was the fox. The fox left him and give him a poem.

If you missed me, visit this shrine, the leaves of the camphor tree will answer you.

Their son became Abeno Seimei, the famous Onmyoji.

the camphor tree
Over 700 years old 21m tall and 11m round.