Sawara (佐原) is located in, Chba, and because it was called Little Edo, there are still many classic style buildings. Therefore, Sawara still has the look of Little Edo. Because of the unique look and Katori Shrine is located close to Sawara, it is very popular travels spots of Northern Chiba. At Ono River, which runs through the middle of Sawara, you can enjoy classic Edo Style of boat ridding, and many of Edo style buildings are now used as the restaurants, hotels, gift shops and food stands.
Another unique feature of Sawara is Sake Brewery. There are a couple of Sake Breweries which exist over 300 years, and they still use the original facilities. They have free factory observation.

Tourist Info.
In July and October, there are big festival with “Dashi.” They are counted as three major festival of Kanto.
There is almost no public parking.

0. at Narita Station
1. use JR Narita Line to Sawara (30 min.)


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the Ronins 映画好き集まれ!

周圍的地圖 Sawara



History of Sawara begins from Third century. It was owned by Katori Shrine and around 14th century, it was very important town for military and economy. After Iyeyasu opened his government at Edo, Sawara becomes very important transit town for the trade markets which connect Edo and Northern area. At this time, foods, Sake, Soy Sauce were exported to Edo, and clothes, household goods, and groceries are imported here in Sawara. Many traders from North are visit here to buy those Edo goods.

Sawara is still called “Koedo,” Little Edo. There are many Edo style building and they are used for many restaurants, gift shops or hotels. The town is developed along the side of Ono river which is used to be a canal during the Edo period. The view is well preserved, so it offers all travelers the view of Edo.