Sanko Shrine


Sanko Shrine (三光神社) is one of the oldest shrine in Osaka. It is also famous for Sanada Yukimura related spot. During the siege of Osaka, Yukimura made outer bailey to protect southern Osaka Castle. There is a secret tunnel that reaches to Osaka Castle in this shrine. It is also one of Osaka Shichifukujin, and enshrines Jurojin.

Visitor's Info.
There is no parking, but restroom.

0. at JR Osakakanjo Tamatsukuri Station.
1. walk west (10 min.)



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周圍的地圖 Sanko Shrine


Sanko Shrine

Enshrine: Amaterasu Omikami, Tukuyominomikoto, Susanoo no Mikoto.

Sanko Shrine was established in 4th century. The priests of this shrine were appointed to the descendants of Takeuchi no sukune. Current priest is 86th priest. It also enshrines Jurojin. So, it is one of Osaka Shichifukujin spot.

In the siege of Osaka in 1615, Sanada Yukimura built outer bailey to protect the south side of Osaka Castle. He also made a tunnel to reach Osaka castle. His tunnel is still remain in this shrine.