Saiko Ice-tree festival


Saiko Ice-tree festival (西湖樹氷祭り) is one of ice event held in Lake Sai in winter. There are many ice-tree which beautifully lighten up at night. In this event, you can enjoy great food of Lake Sai especially Himemasu. Himemasu is the rare fish which you can eat only certain place in this season. You can't buy this fish at the market place. If you want to see great art of ice with Mt. Fuji, this is the best event.

Tourist Info.
There is free parking. This event is held very short time. Usually, it is opened in the 1st week of February at Lake Sai forest park.

0. at Kawaguchiko St.
1. Use local bus to Nebaminshuku (40 min.)
2. walk north (10 min.)

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周圍的地圖 Saiko Ice-tree festival


Saiko Ice-tree festival

Lake Sai Ice-tree festival is started in 2000 at Lake Sai wild bird forest park. There are many ice-trees displayed in this festival, such as dog, waterfalls, house and iced tree.

When you visit this festival at daytime you can enjoy ice-tree with beautiful Mt. Fuji as the background. At night, they will be beautifully lighten up.

This festival also offers great food. Himemasu is the most delicious fish you can eat in this festival. Himemasu is very rare fish which you can buy only certain area in the winter. It is very soft fish, so you can eat everything including head and bone.