Oshi castle


Oshi Castle (忍城, oshijo) is one of seven major castle in Kanto located in Gyoda, Saitama. Originally, it was built around end of 15th century. Currently, rebuild the main Keep tower, however the some of the sand wall is still preserved. It is very small flatland type castle, but it has all components of castle such as moat, tower, stone wall, and the gate. In the history of Japanese war period, this castle has never be fallen.

Tourist info.
There is parking, close at 16:30. There is also history museum in the castle.

0. at Saitama Station
1. use JR Takasahki Line to Kumagaya (42 min.)
2. use Chichibu Line to Gyodashi (8 min.)
3. walk south (15 min.)


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周圍的地圖 Oshi castle


Oshi castle

Oshi castle was completed by Narita Akiyasu around 1479. The Narita family ruled over the area of Gyoda for about 100 years until the castle fell to forces loyal to Hideyoshi in his assault on the Kanto area. However, this castle itself was never be fallen. During the Kanto war, Hideyoshi versus Hojo, this castle was attacked by Mitsunari Ishida. Ishida used many force and strategy to fall this castle, but this castle was never be fallen and as Hojo’s plan, it kept Ishida’s force here in Gyoda. However, because Odawara castle was fallen, Oshi castle was also open for free blood.

Narita Akiyasu
1988 (concrete)