Okayama Summarized


Okayama (岡山) is a capital of Okayama located in western Okayama Pref. It is a also known as the birth place of Momotaro. There are many Momotaro related spots. Also, Kibi-Dango which is the sweets carried by Momotaro are popular food in Okayama. Also, Okayama Castle and Korakuen are other main feature of Okayama. Especially, Korakuen is chosen as the three best beautiful Japanese Gardens.

Tourist Info.
Most of Momotaro Spots are around Kibitsu Line.


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周圍的地圖 Okayama Summarized


Okayama Summarized
Okayama Castle
Okayama Castle was built in 1597 by Ukita Hideie, the lord of Bizen Domain. Its Tenshu-kaku and adjacent watch towers are designated National Treasures, as they fully show the sprits of the Azuchi-Momoyama Period with their beauty and grandeur. Okayama Castle is also known as "Ujo" (Crow Castle), stemming from the black exterior of the Tenshu-Kaku. This is due to the dark weather boars covering the castle's outer walls.

Kibitsuhiko Shrine
Kibitsuhiko Shrine is the primary shrine of Bizen and one of oldest shrine in Japan. It enshrines Kibitsuhiko no Mikoto. Kibitsuhiko who is the royal prince and the general of Sanyo-do region. He conquered Sanyo-do region and peacefully ruled those lands. He became the legendary hero and enshrined as the god. Kibitsuhiko Shrine was established at his house.

Kibitsu Shrine
Kibitsu Shrine is located in Okayama. It is one of major Shrine in Sanyo-do area. It enshrines Okibitsuhiko no Mikoto who is the general of Sanyo-do. He conquered and ruled this land of Kibi. He was highly respected as the founder of Kibi, and enshrined as the guardian of this area. The main shrine was built in 1425, and designated as the national treasure of Japan. The legend of Momotaro was born in this shrine.

Kino Castle
Kino Castle is an ancient mountain castle located in Okayama. It is also known as the model of Onigashima of Momotaro. Kino Castle is located on the top of Mt. Kinojo which is about 400m high. The entire top of mountain was surrounded with a great walls which is about 2.8km long. It was probably built in 7th century and considered as the castle of Ura clan which defeated by Kibitsuhiko no Mikoto.

The story of Momotaro
Once upon time in Japan, there were an old man and woman. When the old woman went to the river for washing their clothes, a huge peach was floating from the top of the river. She surprised and brought that peach to her house. The old man also came back from grass shearing. When he tried to cut the peach, peach broke by itself and there is a boy inside of peach. They named this boy "Momotaro," and brought up him as their son.

When Momotaro became adult, Momotaro realized that people in his village were suffering from Ogre of Onigashima, and decided to defeat them. His old parents gave his armer, weapon and sacred Kibi-Dango, the sweet made from rice and millet. This Kibi-Dangi gave him extra 10 men power.

On the way to Onigashima, Momotaro met Dog, Monkey and Pheasant. He gave his Kibi-Dango to them and they became his servant warrior.

Momotaro used a boat to attack Onigashima, which is the island of Ogre. Because Momotaro has the sacred power of Kibidango, he defeated all Ogre of Onigashima. Ogre of Onigashima promised Momotaro that they will never do such a bad things and never attack people. Also, Ogre gave all treasure which stolen from people to Momotaro.

Momotaro came back from Onigashima and lived this old parents happily.