Numata Castle


Numata Castle (沼田城) is one of the hilltop castles located in Gunma. It was constructed in 1532. It is known as the castle of Sanada Nobuyuki. There are stone walls, moat and baileys remaining here. Numata Castle was used to be the important castle to protect Kanto from North.
Therefore, Uesugi clan, Takeda clan and Hojo clan fought for the supremacy.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.

0. at Shibukawa Station.
1. use JR Joetsu Line to Numata Station.
2. walk


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周圍的地圖 Numata Castle


Numata Castle

Type: Hilltop
Built in: 1532 by Numata Akiyasu.
Class: Ruins.

Numata castle was constructed in 1532 by Numata Akiyasu. It is located on the top of the hill that is about 70m tall and located between Tone RIver Hakune River. It is a typical hilltop caslte that uses the cliff of the riverside.

It is located on the entrance of Kanto region from the north and north-west, therefore Numata Castle was very important fortress during Muromachi period to Sengoku period.

At the end of Sengoku period, Sanada Nobuyuki, the brother of Yukimura, ruled this castle. In Edo period, there are many Daimyo ruled this castle.

Today, it is reformed as the park. There are stone walls, moats and earthbanks are remaining.