Nihonji Daibutsu


Nihonji Daibutsu (日本寺大仏, the Great Buddha of Nihonji Temple) is Stone Buddha statue of Nihonji Temple. It has 31m high and as the sitting great Buddha statue, Hinonji Daibutsu is the biggest Daibutsu in Japan. Original statue was built in 1783. However, around the end of Edo period, the damage by weathering, it lost almost the all shape until 1966. In 1969, it has been fixed.

Visitors Info.
Admission fee: 600 yen. There is parking. Daibutsu is located in Nihonji Temple.

0. at Kisarazu Station
1. use JR Uchibo Line to Hota (38 min.)
2. walk north (30 min.)

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周圍的地圖 Nihonji Daibutsu


Nihonji Daibutsu

The name of Nihonji Daibutsu is Yakushirurikonyorai(薬師瑠璃光如来), and represent the entire the space is the pure land, and it leads the world to the peace and safe.

Daibutsu is located in Nihonji Temple which is the oldest Buddhism temple in Kanto built in 725. The name “Nihon” is the also the name of Japan and it has been given by the Emperor Syoumu(聖武天皇).