Neo Falls


Neo Falls (根尾の滝) is one of 100 best waterfalls in Japan. It is located Osaka, Gifu Prefecture. It is 5m wide and 63m high. Because of the spiritual scenery with huge waterfalls and giant rocks, many people have visited since Edo period. Nukina Suou, the famous painter during the Edo Period, had visited this falls and drew the painting.

Tourist Info.
There is a parking and restroom at the entrance.
Takes 50 min. from the parking.

0. at Takayama Station
1. use JR Takayama Line to Hida Osaka (32 min.)
2. use taxi or bus to Gandatekoen
3. walk north east (3 hr.)



The Place of Memories Please watch our movie.


横浜映画クラブ 映画好き集まれ!

周圍的地圖 Neo Falls


Neo Falls

Neo Falls is located on one of the hiking and sightseeing courses of Osaka Waterfalls. It is possible to walk from Gandate Park, but better to drive the entrance.

Neo Falls' course
Guide: Not required.
Level: Beginners Course.
Time: Four hours.

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