Nana Batake Road


Nana Batake Road(菜な畑ロード) is a filed mustard spot located in Kamogawa, Chiba. From January to March, the beautiful yellow flowers bloom. Field Mustard is one of the flowers that tells the arrival of Spring. The spring in Kamogawa visit very early. You can also enjoy picking up the flower.

Tourist Info.
Use parking at Kamogawa city government office.
There is restroom.
10 picking flowers for 100 yen.
From early January to early March.

0. JR Chiba Station.
1. use JR Uchibo Line to Tateyama Station.
2. use JR Sotobo Line to Awa Kamogawa Station.
3. walk (15 min.)


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周圍的地圖 Nana Batake Road


Nana Batake Road

It is one of the great spots for field mustard around Kanto. There is tea house that sales local products opens on Sunday of February.