Mt. Misen


Mt. Misen (弥山) is a mountain located in Miyajima Island, Hiroshima. It is 535m above the sea level, and has great panoramic view of Seto Inland Sea. 1,200 years ago, Priest Kukai came here to find enlightenment. Mt. Misen and Itsukushima Shrine were together designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. There is an eternal fire, called "Kiezu no hi" which has been burning for 1200 years.

Tourist Info.
Ticket for round trip: 1800 yen for adult, 900 yen for kids.
There is a group discount from 25 people.
Open: 9:00 (8:00 in November) Final returning 17:30 (Mar. to Oct.), 17:00 (Dec. to
The are free shuttle bus from the town area to the station.

0. at Hiroshima Station.
1. use JR Sanyo Line to Miyajimaguchi (27min.)
2. use ferry to Miyajima (10 min.)
3. walk 15 min.

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周圍的地圖 Mt. Misen


Mt. Misen
Kiezu no Hi (the eternal flame)
The miracle of the eternal flame - it has been burning for 1200 years. The holy fire which Priest Kukai used as part of his religious training is burning even now after about 1200 years in Reikado Hall. It is said that the holy water boiled by this fire works for all sorts of disease. It was also used as the pilot light for the "Flame of Peace" of Hiroshima Peace Memorial park.

Misenhondo Hall
The Hall that built on the place of Priest Kukai training. Legend said that Priest Kukai founded the temple and performed the "Gumonji," a secret Buddhist practice for 100 days when he stopped over at Miyajima for looking for a sacred place on his way from Tang. The main deity is Akasagarbha.

Sankido Hall
For household welfare and business prosperity.

The rock gate to the summit of Mt. Misen.

On the top of Mt. Missen has 3 stories observatory which you can see 360 degree panoramic view of Seto Inland Sea.