Mt. Hinata


Mt. Hinata (日向山) is one of the popular hiking mountain located in Hokuto, Yamanashi prefecture. It is 1,660m tall mountain with great view of northern Yamanashi, including Mt. Fuji. This mountain is made from large granite rocks. Therefore, the top of the mountain has unique scenery with mand sands. It is just like the beach on the top of mountain. There are many waterfalls on the trail as well.

Tourist Info.
There are parking.
No restroom.
Trakking takes about 4 hours for round trip.

Need a car. Drive route 20 to route 614.


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周圍的地圖 Mt. Hinata


Mt. Hinata

Altitude: 1,660m
The route: for beginners

Mt. Hinata is located on the northern Minami Alps mountains. The unique feature of this mountain is the top of the mountain. Because this mountain consists many granite rocks, the top of the mountain has a beach and great view of Mt. Yatsugatake and Mt. Kaikomagatake.

The Beach Zone is called Gangahara. The sands are made from the broken granite rocks.

Because of the beautiful beach and great view, Mt. Hinata is very popular hiking spot in Yamanashi prefecture. there are many trekking trails. One of the routes has many beautiful waterfalls. Also, there is very eazy trail for the beginniers.