Miyamoto Musashi


Miyamoto Musashi (宮本武蔵) is located on the border of Okayama and Hyogo pref. It is the birth place of Miyamoto Musashi, the most famous Sword master in the world. There are many Musashi related spots including his birthplace and grave. Legend said, Musashi came up with the idea of Nitoryu at this place.

Tourist Info.
There is parking. You can get a map at the museum.

0. at Tsuyama Station.
1. use JR Himeshin Line to Sayou (1 hr.)
2. use Chizu Line to Miyamoto Musashi (30 min.)



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周圍的地圖 Miyamoto Musashi


Miyamoto Musashi
Mimamoto Musashi was born in Miyamoto, Mimasaka in 1584. He was a great artist, writer and sword master. He established his original sword fighting style, "Niten Ichi Ryu," commonly known as two hands style. With his style, he fought over 60 sword fighting and never lost. He traveled all over Japan and died at Kumamoto. He even joined the battle of Sekigahara.
His last book called "Gorin no Sho" in Reigan Cave was widely read by many sword masters during Edo period. Today, it became the most famous book of martial arts in the world. Also, his sword style, "Niten Ichi Ryu," also know as "Nitoryu" is one of the most famous sword fighting style as well, today.

Musashi Museum
... displays about 150 Musashi related items.

Samono Shrine
Legend said, Musashi come up with the idea of Nitoryu when he watched the drum demonstration played by the priest of Samono Shrine.

Musashi Shrine
... enshrines Miyamoto Musashi. There is his grave and the grave of his father Munisai.

Nitoryu Men
How to eat "Nitoryumen, the two hands noodle."

No. 01
Say "Ei Yah!"

No. 02
Keep your back straight and try two hands style.

No. 03
Pick up Soba on right hand, and Udon on left hand.

N0. 04
Eat both noodle together.

No. 05
When you drink Soup, use both hands and drink dynamically.