Misono Park & Yokomizo House


Misono Park "Yokomizo House" (みその公園・横溝屋敷, misonokoen yokomizoyashiki) is the Japanese classic houses from late 16th century. Current owner is 17th landlord, and the family keep the traditional house form to exhibit the life style of Edo Period. Yokomizo House is the cultural assets of Yokohama city which you can used for your events. So, many local events are held in this park.

Visitors Info.
Admission is free. There is free parking. If you are planing to use this facility, you have to make a reservation.
Open: 9:30 to 16:30
The third monday is closed.

0. at Yokohama Station
1. use Tokyu Toyoko Line to Tsunashima
2 use Local Bus to Jinmeisyamae
3. walk west (8 min.)

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Misono Park & Yokomizo House

Shishigaya Village where Yokomizo house is located is one of the hard place to live because of Tsurumi River. Tsurumi River used food a lot. During the Edo Period, about 250 people lived in Shishigaya Village. Yokomizo House is one of the only houses which still exist from that area.

It is now public place where you can apply to use for your activities.

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