Miso Brewery Street


Miso Brewery Street (みそ蔵の小径) is one of the scenery spots of Taketoyo, Aichi Prefecture. Taketoyo is known as the town of Miso Brewery and there are 6 Miso Breweries in this area. Some of the Miso Brewery has open factory tour as well. This area has a nice smell of Miso. This area has many traditional houses are also remaining.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom nearby.
Use Michi no eki Taketoyo.

0. at Otagawa Station.
1. use Meitetsu Kawawa Line to Taketoyo Station.
2. walk.

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周圍的地圖 Miso Brewery Street


Miso Brewery Street
Miso Brewery Street is located in Taketoyo, Aichi Prefecture. It has a beautiful scenery of traditional houses. Most of the houses has black walls and white basement. There are 6 Miso Breweries in this area. It has beautiful smell of Miso in this area.