Mameda Town


Mameda Town (豆田町) is one of the Edo style tonw located in Hita, Oita Prefecture. There are many traditional houses in Mameda. Therefore, it is registered as Preserved Area with Traditional Houses. The scenery of this old town is look like Edo period. Mameda Town was directly govern by Edo Government. It developed as the finiancial center of all Kyusyu. Today, it is one of the popular tourist spot in Kyusyu.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.

0. at Hita Station
1. walk north.




the Ronins 映画好き集まれ!

周圍的地圖 Mameda Town


Mameda Town

Mameda Town is one of the popular tourist spot in Oita, Prefecture. It has many traditional houses that some of them are cunstructed in Edo period. It is registered as Preserved Area with Traditional Houses. Therefore, the old look of Edo style town is still preserved in a great condition.

Kusano House
Kusano House is the old Samurai House located Hita, Oita. It was mainly constructed in the middle of 18th century.Kusano House is registered as the national important cultural asset.It takes design to harmonize the open garden and tea room. Kusano Family was used be the one of lord of Oita. One Kusano survived through Sengoku Era and build this house in 1641.

It has display of Hina Doll in certain period.

Hirose Museum
Hirose Museum is a craft museum locate in Hita, Oita Prefecture. Hita was directly governed by Shogun during Edo period. Hirose Family was the financial officer who collects tax. Hirose Family was also strong merchant in Kyusyu. This museum displays the treasures of Hirose Family.

Kuncho Sake Brewery
Kuncho Sake Brewery is old Sake Brewery in Hita, Oita. It was established in 1702. There are many old Kura, the storages, that cunstructed in 19th century. There is musuem in one of Kura that displays the traditional way of making Sake.