Kofu (甲府) is located in Kofu basin, Yamanashi. It is the capital of Yamanashi. Kofu is also well known as the city of Takeda Shingen (武田信玄) because his house "Tsutsujigasaki House" was here. Because Kofu is located between Kyoto and Edo, this city was grown as the post town and the one of the important city to protect Edo during the Edo period. There are many historical ruins, especially related with Shingen, are here.

Tourist Info.
All the tourist spots are around the station.



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周圍的地圖 Kofu



The name Kofu was named by Shingen's father, Nobutora. It means the central government of Kai. The history of Kofu begins since Yayoi period, which is about 2000 years ago.

Because Kofu is in the basin, the city in summer is very hot and in the winter is very cold. You can see Mt. Fuji all the time.

Takeda Shrine used to be the Shingen's House "Tsutsujigasaki House." It is now enshrined Takeda Shingen, and many people who love Shingen visit this shrine. There are many buildings and ruins still exist since Shingen's time.

... is the most famous food in Kofu. It is heavily boiled thick Udon with Miso. This food is used to be the food of Shingen's army.