Jogashima Island


Jogashima Island (城ヶ島) is the biggest island of Kanagawa which located at the end of Miura Peninsula. Jogashima offers great seafood, especially Suhi and Sashimi. At the fish market stores, you can buy many fish products, and a couple of fishes are very rare which you can buy at certain spots in Japan. For example, Tuna’s Tomi(頭身, small meat of Tuna’s head) is the most delicious part of Tuna which you cannot buy or eat at Tokyo.
Jogashima is one of few spots in Kanto where you can see beautiful Sunrise and Sunset. Especially, you can see beautiful Sunset with Mt. Fuji and Pacific Ocean at the same time.
Tourist Info.
100 yen for the bridge to access this island by car. There are many restaurants and Hotels.

0. Yokosuka Station
1. use JR Yokosuka Line to Kurihama (10 min.)
2. use Keikyu Line to Misakiguchi (10 min.)
3. use local bus to Jogashima (30 min.)


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周圍的地圖 Jogashima Island


Jogashima Island

Jogashima Island is the biggest island in Kanagawa prefecture. Its size is 1 km² and located at the most south part of Kanagagawa. Jogashima is part of Miura city and about 600 people lives in this island. The main industry of Jogashima is fish market. The history of the fish market started about 2000 years ago, and well developed in Edo period. In 1649, fishers in Jogashima started the net-capturing to catch many fishes, and delivered those fishes to Edo city by fast ships. Also, shellfishes are also famous since Edo period.

Now days, the fish markets are still main and major industry in Jogashima. Since Misaki port is just by the island, Jogasihma also offers great Tuna products. Also, Sanma and awabi are still main products of island. Restaurants and hotels in Jogashima offers those flesh fishes which are just taken. Sushi and Sashimi in Jogashima is the greatest you can eat in Kanto area.
Jogashima is not only famous for fish-product, but also famous for travelers. The history as the travels spot began in kamakukra Period. Jogashima was the favorite spot of Yoritomo who is the first Sogun of Kamakura Government. There are many beautiful and interesting natures, such as flowers, rock beaches, and capes. Because Jogashima is located the most southern part of Kanagawa prefecture, you can see great Sunrise and Sunset, especially Sunset with Mt. Fuji is one of the best Sunset in Japan. With those delicious fishes, beautiful sceneries, and convenient location nearby Tokyo, Jogashima is still popular travel spots in Kanagawa.