Jomonsugi Trekking


Jomonsugi Trekking (縄文杉コース) is the most popular tourism in Yakushima Island. It is about 10 hours trekking for round trip. This route leads to Jomonsugi that is the largest Yakusugi trees in Japan. It has many giant Yakusugi that is over 1,000 years old Cedar trees. Around the area of Jomon sugi is designated as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the best nature spot in Japan. The forest of Yakushima is such a beautiful scenery in the world.

Tourist Info.
The route to the Jomon sugi takes about 5 hours.
There are some restroom and water spots in the route.
The shuttle bus to the entrance is available at Yakusugi Shizenkan.
You can order Lunch Box at hotel or any other stores and they will delivery at the Yakusugi Shizenkan in the morning.
Mountain Fee: 500 yen.

0. at any bus stop very early in the morning (4am)
1. use shuttle bus to Yakusugi Shizenkan.
2. use shuttle bus to the entrance of Arakawa Tozando.
3. walk 10 hours.





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周圍的地圖 Jomonsugi Trekking


Jomonsugi Trekking

Jomonsugi Trekking is the most popular tourism in Yakushima. It takes 10 hours of long trekking. So, it requires shoes and outfit for heavy trekking including food and water. Also, the altitude of Jomonsugi is very high. You need a warm wearing, too.

Shuttle Bus: 1800 yen for 2ways.
Mountain Fee: 500 yen
Don't give any food to wild animals.
Take all the garbages.
Use restroom. There is a box for portable restroom.
Course Time: 8 to 10 hours.
Total Distance: 22km.

Trekking Shoes
Rain wear
Lunch Box

Entrance. Walking on the trolly rail way.

50 min.

Resting place

40 min. Restroom.

Sandai Sugi
Sandai Sugi is one of huge Cedar trees located in Yakushima Island. It means 3 generation cedar. It is 38.4m tall and 4.4m round. 1st generation tree was 1500 years old and fell about 1200 years ago. 2nd generation was grown over the 1st one and cut when it was 1000 years old. 3rd generation is now groaning over the 2nd generation.

45 min.

Nioh Sugi
Nioh Sugi is a huge Yakusugi tree located in Jomonsugi route. It has a shape of Nio Statue. At the middle of the tree, it has a shape of Nioh's mouth.

20 min.

End of Trolly Rail Way and Restroom.

25 min.

Okina Sugi
Okina Sugi was used to be 2nd tallest Yakusugi. It was fallen in 2010.

10 min.

Wilson Stump
Wilson Stump is one of the most popular spot in Yakushima Island. It is a huge stump of Yakusugi that was cut about 300 years ago. It is about 13.8m girth 2,000 years old cedar tree. Inside of Wilson Stump is open and the roof has a figure of heart.

60 min.

Daio Sugi
Daio Sugi is one of the giant cedar in Yakushima Island. It is 24.7m tall and 11.1m girth. It was used to be the largest Yakusugi in Yakushima. It is about 3,000 years old Yakusugi. Daio means the King of Cedar.

5 min.

Meoto Sugi
Meoto Sugi is a couple of Yakusugi located in the Jomonsugi route. Two difference cedars are merged on the middle of the trees. The larger one is the husband and their have 500 years age difference.

40 min.

Jomon Sugi
Jomon Sugi is the largest cedar tree in Japan. It is the main attraction in Yakushima Island. Jomon Sugi is about 25.3m tall and 16.4m girth. The altitude of Jomon Sugi is about 1,300m from the sea level, and the route of Jomon Sugi is very popular trekking spot in Yakushima. The age of Jomon Sugi is calculated from 2,000 to 7,200 years old.

Goal and return.