Izumi Shrine


Izumi Shrine (出水神社) is located in Shimizu Jojuen garden, Kumamoto. It was established in 1878 and dedicated in recognition of the cultural, moral and intellectual leadership of the successive Hosokawa clan. Jojuen is the precinct of Izumi Shrine.

Visitors Info.
It is located inside of Suizenji Jojuen garden.

0. at Kumamoto Station.
1. use Kumamoto cable car to Suizenjikoen.

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周圍的地圖 Izumi Shrine


Izumi Shrine

Enshrines: Lords of Hosokawa clan.

Kagura Stage
A stage for Hoh plays was built at the same time as Izumie Shrine. Noh peformances are celebrated here in the spring and the fall.

Water for Longevity
When Tadatoshi Hosokawa celected this site for his garden and tea arbor, the main reason was the spring-fed pond. It provides clean water that is excellent for making tea, and it is also said that this water has miraculous effects on one's longevity.

Goyo no Matsu Pine Tree
This pine tree was Bonsai of Hosokawa Tadatoshi, the first lord of Hosokawa. It is about 400 years old.