Iwadeyama Castle


Iwadeyama Castle (岩出山城) is a hilltop castle located in Miyagi. It was used to be the castle of Date Masamune, the famous Daimyo of Tohoku during Sengoku era, before he moved to Sendai. The castle was originally built in late 14th century by Ujiie clan. In 1591, Tokugawa Ieyasu reconstructed this castle and gave to Date Masamune. Today, it is a park with history.

Tourist Info.
There is parking, restroom and giftshop.

0. at Kogota Station.
1. use JR Rikuu Line to Yubikan st. (34 min. )
2. walk south (20 min.)


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周圍的地圖 Iwadeyama Castle


Iwadeyama Castle

Type: Hilltop.
Built in: late 14th century.
Class: Ruins.

It was used to be a castle of Ujiie clan. In 1591, Date Masamune was moved to this castle. After 12 years, Masamune moved to Sendai and he gave this castle to his 4th son, Muneyasu.

The castle was surrounded by deep moats, and has 3 layers of baileys. The size of the castle was 800m x 700m.

Those moat and dirt-hills still remain.

There is a statue of Masamune.