How to cook Yudofu


Yudofu (湯豆腐) is Tofu with hot soup. It is popular food in winter. It is very healthy food, especially great for vegetarians because it use no meat. Yudofu is also one of the popular food in Kyoto. If you have tasty tofu in winter, check out Yudofu for one of the best way to enjoy Tofu.

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How to cook Yudofu

-Tofu, use soft Tofu.
-Green Onion.
-Dried Kelp.
-Celery Cabbage.
-Shiitake Mushroom.
-For Dipping Sauce:
-Soy Sauce.

First put water in a big pan.
Add Dried Kelp and leave them for 20 min.
Mashroom remove the root of Mushroom, and cut cross on the top.
Take off two outside leaves of Celery Cabbage, and cut it 5cm wide.
Cut Green Onion finely.
Let's make a dipping sauce.
Add two scoops of Soy Sauce.
Add 1/2 of Mirin and Sake.
Add Dried Bonito (8g).
Then boil them.
After it gets boiled, filter it to separate bonito and sauce.
Cut Tofu for one bite size and put them into a pan and boil them with medium heat.
Put a cover and let it boil for while.
Once, the water get boiled add Mushroom and Celery Cabbage.
Let them boil for 3 min.
That's it. Remember, never boil them with strong fire and boil them too much. Weak fire is fine.
Add dipping sauce.
Dried Bonito is for topping.
Ajipon is good, too.