How to cook Edamame


Edamame (えだまめ) is the most popular beer appetizer in Japan. Edamame is green soybean. This is very simple food, but taste so nice with beer.

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How to cook Edamame

-Edamame 250g
-Salt 40g (2 large table spoons).
-1 liter of water.

First wash Edamame.
Then cut top and bottom of Edamame.
Remove them into a bowl and add 1/2 large table spoons of Salt.
Mix them.
Prepare boiled water (1 liter).
Add 1 1/2 large table spoons of salt.
Add Edamame.
Boil them about 5 min.

Remove it from hot water.
Never cool them down with water. Just use a fan.

That's it.

How to eat Edamame.
Prepare another dish or cup for putting empty Edamame. Make sure you pick up different color which stands out well so that no one pick up empty Edamame.

When you eat Edamame, push one side of Edamame to push bean out. After the other side was split, then put bean into your mouth.

Caution: Never eat the skin. It not taste good at all.
Caution: Never push bean out into your mouth. It might be choked in your throat.