How to cook Dango


Dango (団子) is one of the most popular Japanese sweets. It a ball shape cake made from rice. Just like Yakitori, they are skewered with bamboo sticks and grilled. There are many kinds of flavors. This time, we introduce, Tare, Soy Sauce flavor, and Azuki flaver.

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How to cook Dango

-Dango powder (made from rice) 230g
- Potato Starch
- Azuki
- Soy Sauce
- Mirin
- Bamboo sticks

First, prepare Dango-powder (230g) and warm water (180cc).
Add water little by little while kneading Dango-powder.
Once it get hard enough, that's it.
Make it to stick shape and cut it to one bite size.
Then, make them into ball shape.
Prepare the boiled water, and let them boil.
Once they start floating, boil them another 3 min.
Remove Dango into cold water, ...
and let them cool for a minute, and let them dry.

Making Tare:
Add 6 large table spoons of Soy sauce.
Add 5 large table spoons of Mirin.
Add 3 large table spoons of Sugar.
Add 120cc of water.
Let boil it.

Once it starts boiling, add 1 large table spoons of potato starch.
Then, boil them until it get sticky.
Skewer Dango with bamboo sticks.
Grill Dango directly by fire.
Grill them until the color of surface changes.
Add Tare and Azuki.

That's it.