How to cook Agedashi Dofu


Agedashi Dofu (揚げ出し豆腐) is deep fried tofu with Dashi sauce. It is one of the most popular Izakaya appetizer. It is the vege-food, very easy to cook, very healthy and very tasty.

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How to cook Agedashi Dofu

Momen Tofu 1,
Green Onion,
Egg 1,
Dashi powder,
Potato starch,
Vegetable Oil,
Soy Sauce,

First, cut Tofu into 4 pieces.
Leave Tofu for couple of minutes to remove the extra water.
Cut green onion into small pieces.
Make Ginger paste.

Making Sauce.
Add 160cc of water.
Add one large table spoon of Soy Sauce.
Add one small table spoon of Mirin.
Add one small table spoon of Sake.
Add little sugar.
Add little of Dashi powder.

Heat them little. Don't let it boil.
Pour oil into a big pan.

Making deep fry batter.
Mix egg.
Prepare flour on cooking plate.
Dip Tofu into egg and add flour.

Check out the oil temperature.
Drop small piece of flour. If it bobbles and make sounds. Then, it's ready.

Let's fry them.

Keep flipping sometimes.

When the surface of Tofu start changing their color. Remove them.

Add Potato starch into the sauce and boil it.

Put Tofu into a bowl.

Add, green onion, ginger and sauce.

That's it.