Higashiyama Neighborhood


Higashiyama Neighborhood(東山手洋風住宅群)has many traditional western style houses. It is located in Nagasaki City, and one of the popular tourist spots. These houses are one of the first western style houses ever built in Japan after the end of Edo period. This district is designated as the preservation area of the group of the important Traditional Buildings.

Tourist Info.
There is no parking or restroom.
Admission: 200 yen for adult and 100 yen for kids.
Time: 9:00 to 17:00
Closed on Monday.

0. at Nagasaki Station.
1. use the Street Train No.1 to Tsukimachi.
2. change the train to No.5 to Ishibashi Station.
3. walk west.


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周圍的地圖 Higashiyama Neighborhood


Higashiyama Neighborhood
Approximately 7.5 hectares in are, this district encompasses most of the hillside neighborhood of Higashiyamate and part of Oura near waterfront. The district is a part of the former European Wuarter of Nagasaki that take shape after the opening of Nagasaki, Yokohama and Hakodate as ports for foreign trade in 1859.

Located on the hillside overlooking the business offices of Oura and the harbor, Higashiyamate was called Consulate Hill because it was the site of the Portuguese and Prussian consulates as well as churches, houses and other structures. The historic atmosphere is perserved today in the old Western style buildings and in the flagstone pavement, stone embankments, gutters, brick walls and towering trees remaining from the years of the European Quarter.

Higashiyamate Western Houses
There are 7 western style houses that are constructed in the middle of 19th century. They are registered as the preserved scenery with traditional houses. These houses have beautiful green and white color walls with stone walls. They are the first western style architectures that imported in Japan after Edo period.

Higashiyamate No.12 House
is one of the western style houses in Nagasaki. It was constructed in 1868, and used to be Russian Embassy. This house is the oldest western style house in this area. Inside of the house is open and displays some of the furniture from that period. There are tables and benches that you can use for break time.

Higashiyamate Ko No.13 House
is another western style house in Nagasaki. It was constructed in 1894. This house was used for British Trading Company. It is open as free resting place and visitor's information center. There is a cafe in side of the house.

Dutch Slope
This Dutch Slope or Hollander Slope used to look like around 1960's, with gullies on either side of the road. There are many western style houses that are remaining from the late 19th century. In old time, Japanese people called foreigners Dutch because most of the sailers from the out side are Duch people. It is one of the most popular tourist spots in Japan.