Hanamiyama (花見山) is one of the most popular Flower Spots in Tohoku Region. The entire mountain are covered with many flowers. There are about 70 kinds of flowers that all bloom in April. The main feature of Hanamiyama is beautiful Sakura. Unlike other Sakura spots, Hanamiyama has many kinds of Sakura. It was considered as the home town of spring flowers in Tohoku.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
Sakura Season: From the middle of April to the end.
Admission: Free.

0. at Fukushima Station.
1. there is shuttle bus.



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周圍的地圖 Hanamiyama



Hanamiyama is one of the best Cherry Blossom spots in Tohoku Region. The enter mountain is planted with many kinds of flowers that mostly bloom in the middle of April with Sakura.

The trees of Hanamiyama had started planting since 1935. There are about 6,000 flower trees in Hanamiyama and around this spot. It makes it the flower paradise in Fukushima.

Tons of visitors visit here during the season.

Cherry Blossom: Someiyoshino, Higanzakura, October Sakura, Tokaizakura, Ukonzakura and Yaezakura.
Plum: Ume, Rikyu Ume and Winter Sweets.
Others: Peach, Azalea, Chaenomeles, Cornus officinalis, Forsythia and others.

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