Hamaori matsuri


The Hamaori matsuri(濱降祭) on Nishihama beach in Chigasaki, kanagawa. Over 40 omikoshi from various Shinto shrines in the surrounding are are brought down to the beach in a special annual ritual. It is held in Day of Sea in July every year. Many people watch mikoshi or carry mikoshi to enjoy this festival.

Tourist Info.
There are many food stands, but almost no parking.
Recommend to visit by train.

0. at Kozu Station
1. use JR Tokaido to Chigasaki (15 min.)
2. walk south to the Chigaskai Beach (20 min.)


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周圍的地圖 Hamaori matsuri


Hamaori matsuri

Hamaorisai has been started at middle of 19th century by Samukawa Shrine. Once Mikoshi of Samukawa Shrine dropped into the river and lost it. However, later on, people found their mikoshi at the Chigasaki Beach. After that, people started drop their mikoshi as Misogi, soul cleaning. Recently, people stop dropping their mikoshi at the beach, but still carry mikoshi in the beach. About 40 Mikoshi from all Shrine around Samukawa Shrine, will join this festival every years.