Cape Tsurugi


Cape Tsurugi (剱崎, Tsurugizaki) is located in Miura Peninsula, Kanagawa. There are many great fishing spot, small beach and park. It is also known as Ken Zaki. Most of the cape is settled by huge rocks which create beautiful landscape. Because it is located the point of facing Tokyo Bay and Sagami Bay, there are many kinds of fish.

Tourist Info.
There is almost no parking.

0. at at Yokosuka Station
1. use JR Yokosuka Line to Kurihama (10 min.)
2. walk to Keikyu Kurihama Station (4 min.)
3. use Keikyu Bus to Tsurugizaki (30 min.)

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周圍的地圖 Cape Tsurugi


Cape Tsurugi

Tsurugisaki, literary means “Cape of Sword.” During the Edo period, a ship of Tokugawa Government sink here. The priest of Kainan Shrine try to calm down the God of sea by throwing the secret sword. When he threw the sword, waves were disappeared and all the contents float back. After that, people start calling here “Cape of Sword.”