Ako Gishi sai


Ako Gishisai (赤穂義士祭) is the memorial festival of Chushingura at Sengakuji temple. It's held in December 14 which is the day Chushingura happens. Chushingura is one of the most favorite Samurai story since Edo period. Today, it is still popular and many people visit here and pray for loyal Samurai.
Afternoon, there is the parade of Ako Roshi start from Zojoji temple and finish at Sengakuji in front of the grave of Asano Naganori just like the real story of Chushingura.

Tourist Info.
Parade finishes at 14:00 at Sengakuji.
There are many food stands during this festival.
The memorial service goes until night.

0. at Shinagawa Station.
1. use Toei Asakusa Line to Sengakuji.
2. walk north.


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the Ronins 映画好き集まれ!

周圍的地圖 Ako Gishi sai


Ako Gishi sai

Chushingura is one of the most famous and popular Samurai story during Edo period. It is the historical revenge story by 47 Ronin of the death of their lord, Asano Naganori. It was played in Kabuki and other theaters. Even today, it is very popular Samurai story.

In 1701, Asano Naganori suddenly tried to kill Kira Yoshihisa at Edo Castle. In this time, fighting at the castle was death penalty. Asano was ordered to do Seppuku next day, and his land was abandoned. However, because Kira did nothing to protect himself. He was considered that he was not involved in this fighting.

Later, Asano's loyal Samurai, who already became Ronin at this moment, decided to revenge Kira for their lord Asano.

In December 14, 47 Ronin attacked Kira's house at night and killed Kira. They cut his head and brought it from Ryogoku to Sengakuji where the grave of Asano is located. They announced to their lord that the revenge was successful. Soon, they did Seppuku.