Abe Waterfall


Abe Waterfall (阿倍の大滝, abenootaki) is one of 100 best waterfalls in Japan, and biggest fall in Shizuoka prefecture. It has about 90m high (300 ft.) and 16m width (53 ft.) As a straight fall, Abe Waterfall is one of the highest waterfall in Japan. The fall is located in deep side of Umegashima.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom. About 30min. hiking from the parking to the fall.

0. Shizuoka Station
1. use local bus to Umegashimaonsen (2 hrs.)
2. walk east (30 min.)


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周圍的地圖 Abe Waterfall


Abe Waterfall

It is a great waterfall in Shizuoka. 90m is almost same as Kegon fall in Nikko. You can approach to the fall very close. It is nice waterfall to see with short hiking. There are a couple of interesting hung bridges.

Around the fall, there are many hot spring. So, you can enjoy hot springs here, and watch great waterfalls in Umegashima.

There are many hiking courses which you can enjoy great view of Mt. Fuji.