How To Use Chopsticks


When you eat Japanese food, you must know how to use chop sticks. Here let me know how to use chop sticks.

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How To Use Chopsticks

1. First chopstick:
Hold the first stick between 4th finger and the bottom of thumb. Close the thumb to stabilize the stick. Point: Put the stick on the top joint of 4th finger.

2. Second chopstick:
Pinch and stabilize the stick with fingertips of direction finger, middle finger and thumb.

3. How to move:
Do not move the first stick because this is the base stick. Move only direction finger and middle finger to open and close the tips of sticks.
Point: Try not to move the thumb at all.

4. How to use:
Closing the chopsticks to pick up food.
Opening the chopsticks to peel off or break into a part.

Enjoy Japanese meal!