Video Travel Guide of Japan
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Popular Illumination and light-up sceneries.



Samurai House

Edo-style House of Samurai

Traditional & Edo Style Houses

Traditional & Edo Style Houses that constructed over 100s years ago


Towers and high buildings that offers aerial views




Cooking Japanese Bowl

bowl is a Japanese style dish, a main meal on a bowl of rice

Cooking Japanese Noodles

Japanese noodles: soba, udon, ramen, somen, kishimen, and others

Cooking Japanese Meals

Every week, MustLoveJapan shows you how to cook a different Japanese dish

Dancing Bonodori

Bonodori is Japanese traditional group dancing


Local Shopping District

Japanese local shopping avenue, called Shotengai in Japanese, where you can buy lots of Japanese daily supplies, foods and other glossaries

Specialized Shopping area

Shopping district where you can buy Japanese special products, such as electric appliance, traditional arts and craftworks, martial arts (Budo) supplies, foods and fishes


MLJ offers great tours for all Japan beginners to experts. It takes tourist to special attractions. All coordinated.

One Day Bus Tour

If you are looking for one day trip, check out MLJ One Day Bus Tour


Marine & Water Sports

All kinds of Marine sports, such as canoe, Rafting, Sea Kayak, Snorkel and Scuba Diving


Schools of Japanese traditional and modern cultures

Winter Activity

Japan has one of the heavy snow falls in the world


Groves, Forests

Hiking, trekking under trees

Japanese Garden

Japanese style traditinal gardens

Natural Phenomenon

Introducing Natural Phenomenon that is only available in certain period in Japan


Popular springs with pure water.


Valleys filled with delighting scenery


Buddhism Statues

The list of the Statue of Great Buddha (Daibutsu), Kannon Statue and Rakan Statue.



Battlefield where the famous battles happened

Trace of Genpei

The historical spots related to Genpei War which happened between Taira clan and Genji clan from 1180 to 1185

Meiji Restoration

Meiji Restoration one of the most important historical events in the history of Japan. It starts around the middle of 19th century to the end of the century. It is the end of Edo period, the era of Samurai and Shogun, and the Modernization of Japan. The act of the restoration begins with the revolution against Tokugawa Government, a.k.a. Tokugawa Shogunate, and restore the power and authority of the emperor. The lords of Satsuma, Chosyu, and Tosa take lead of the revolution and Meiji Empeor is the center of the restoration. It was the last huge civil war in Japan between Shogun v.s. the Emperor. Shinsengumi, one of the most famous Samurai force, takes an active part of this historical events. They fight for Shogun against new government. They proof that Shinsengumi was the strongest Samura in that period. The new government also makes many heroes, such as Sakamoto Ryoma, Saigo Takamori, Kido Takayoshi and Okubo Toshimichi. When the last Shogun, Yoshinobu

Ruins of Castles

Ruins of Japanese castle from middle age

Trace of Sengoku

The ruins, graves and historical spots related to Sengoku Period and early Edo Period


Flower Park

parks best known for its flowers

Koyo-Autumn Leaves

The most beautiful feature in Japanese Fall is Koyo, Autumn leaves

Seasonal Events

Traditional and Non-Traditional events that are festivals but not matsuri


Hotels and Inns. Both Western style and Traditional Japanese style

Auto Camp Site

Great Auto Camp Site with beautiful Nature




Ryokan is a Japanese style hotel
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