How to cook Yaki-Onigiri


Yaki-Onigiri (焼きおにぎり) is a grilled rice ball with soy sauce or miso flavor. It is one of the most popular Izakaya appetizer. Most likely, people at Izakaya eat Yaki-Onigiri at the end.

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How to cook Yaki-Onigiri

Rice (cooked) 700g,
Soy Sauce,

Add water and salt on your hands.

and make Onigiri.

Make two pairs of Onigiri.

Prepare a cooking brush.

Put soy sauce into a small cup.

Pick up one large table spoon of Miso.

Add one small table spoon of Mirin and mix them.

Heat grill.

Put Onigiri.

Then, grill them for couple of minutes.

Once the surface start changing color, then flip them.

Put soy sauce over two of Onigiri, the grill again.

Flip Soy sauce Onigiri, but not Miso.

Again, put soy sauce on the Onigiri.

Flip all Onigiri and add Miso on the other two.

Again put Soy sauce the Onigiri.