How to cook Shogayaki


Shogayaki, pork Ginger, is one of the popular Japanese food. It is very popular for a lunch box and restaurants. It is a ginger flavored pork. Pork Ginger is very easy to cook, and taste great with lots of Ginger which make our body healthy.



How to cook Shogayaki

- Ginger 1
- Pork Plate 400g
- Cabbage 1/4
- Soy Sauce 2 scoop
- Sake 1 scoop
- Mirin 1 scoop

First, let's make a ginger flavor.
2 scoops of Soy Sauce,
1 scoop of Sake,
1 scoop of Mirin.
Then, peel off a ginger and grate a ginger.
Then mix them.
Cut pork plate half and put them in the ginger flavor for 20 min.
While we are waiting, cut cabbage thin for salad.

Add oil on a pan and heat it, then cook the pork.

Mix with the flavor well.
Removed them on the dish.

That's it.